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Company GLOBAL LEGAL SYSTEMS (GLS) - a consulting legal-financial company, which started out as a division of the law firm.

The company provides a full range of legal, financial and accounting services, as well as an audit (legal, financial, accounting).

At present the company GLS decided to develop a new direction - GLS WORK (provision of recruitment services).

Our main goal - a high quality and the fastest result for replenishing state partners in various fields of activity (domestic staff, service personnel, managers, marketing specialists, doctors, specialists of IT-technologies, experts of engineering and technical specialties, etc.).

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A special place in our activity takes personnel of hotel and restaurant business. We select, test and train candidates for the position:

·               Hotel manager

·               The restaurant manager

·               Animator

·               Waiter

·               Barista

·               Bartender

·               The maid / babysitter / ballboy

By the selection of candidates, we are always ready to be approached carefully and responsibly, practicing an individual approach to the selection of candidates for each vacancy.

This contribute to our experienced consultants that specialize in their respective areas, which allows us to offer solutions based on the specific requests of the partner company.

We conduct a personal interview, psychological testing and, if necessary, testing competency with each candidate.

Each selected candidate, ready for the work ahead to successfully adapt to the new job in a new country for him for the most effective work from the first day and throughout the employment contract.

We are open to dialogue and ready to build partnerships with foreign companies on an ongoing basis, taking into account the features of customers' business in an ethical standards, privacy and adhering to the principles of maximum speed and quality of work.